Rock Out Loud is a tool meant for musicians. Whether you are a music teacher, just starting out or have been playing for a while this musical toolbox does it all. Here is a list of what Alexa can do for you:

Guitar Tuner: Alexa will play each string for you 4 times each. Tuning is in A 440 Hz. Alexa is not capable of hearing the notes you play, she can only provide you the correct notes to tune your Guitar (or Bass), starting on the low E string. Vocal Exercises: Alexa has 2 separate vocal exercises you can use to get you ready for your next rehearsal or gig! Just ask Alexa to do a vocal exercise.

Drum Beats: Alexa can play different styles of drum beats for you if you’d like to jam to your own groove or need a drummer to fill in while you practice. Ask Alexa for a Rock Beat, Funk Beat or Blues Beat. Select a Slow, Moderate or Fast Beat and she will play it for you!

All Major and Minor Chords: Alexa can strum any Major or Minor Chord for you. She can even play a group of chords in any order you’d like. This is an excellent tool to recognize different chords, write songs around a group of chords or check that you are playing the correct chords when practicing.


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