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Our RockStarsRising Program offers tailored music lessons for those with unique learning styles.

Welcome to RockStars Rising

Imagine a place where people can come to express themselves in ways you never thought of?

We believe in teaching individuals how to play an instrument much differently then any other music school. The way we teach music is by creating an innovative approach tailored to the individuals needs. We believe our approach in teaching music creates self confidence, builds self esteem and develops social skills. These qualities are the driving force in which people achieve their goals. The way we do it is by simply keeping things simple.

Rockstars Rising is a program that was developed to help individuals who have different learning styles learn to play an instrument. Our trained and certified music instructors feel today’s delay’s shouldn’t be your loved ones denials.

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Rockstars Rising offers customized music programs designed to bring individuals together to form friendships through music. Since all people are unique in their own way, our talented teachers will expose their student to the piano, guitar, bass drums and voice lessons. Each student will get to choose the songs they want to learn and the instrument they want to learn on. If one day they decide to play another instrument, then they will play another instrument. In our years of experience, we have found this approach therapeutic for the individual learning to play music.

Too many schools focus on what the teachers want their students to learn. Rockstars Rising focuses on what the student wants to learn. Let us help you grow through the gift of music.


Making a Difference One Child at a Time...

The RockStarsRising Program has been amazing with my son. He is on the spectrum and the one on one with Dani has helped him to focus and build self-confidence. Music is a big part of his life

Denise R.

"My child with special needs is taking piano lessons. The staff are so patient and amazing with children on the spectrum. I highly recommend them for any child with special needs interested in music."

Phyllis Garofano

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