A few years ago I walked into a music store. (Yea a music store. You know the kind. Instruments for sale up front, and lessons in a small storage area in the back). While buying a set of guitar strings I happened to see a drum lesson taking place. There was a drum instructor and student. Both were playing on practice pads. If you don’t know what a practice pad is, it is a pad most drummers use to warm up and play rudiments, or they are used when you can’t play too loud. Then I looked around and saw no drum set! If the only tools you had to learn to play drums was a practice pad or snare drum, how could you possibly learn coordination? You drummers know what I’m talkin’ about. You need to play the kick drum with your right foot, the snare with your left hand, hi-hats with your right hand, left foot holds the hi-hat pedal down. That’s a lot of coordination. How can you learn coordination by playing on a practice pad?

At Rock Out Loud we teach you to play drums ‘All’ hands (and feet) on!

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