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We will teach you how to play in TWO HOURS ( or LESS ) even if you HATE to PRACTICE

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This isn’t your Grandma’s MUSIC SCHOOL! There will be NO Twinkle Twinkle Little taught HERE!

  • ROCK OUT LOUD is ONLY for people who:
    1) Who playing in a true Rock n Roll environment 2) Want to meet other people who share the same interest 3) Who expect nothing less than the best when it comes to learning to play an instrument 4) Who want to learn music that inspired them to want to play an instrument in the first place.
  • ROCK OUT LOUD is only for those people who want to ROCK the STAGE and UNLEASH their INNER ROCK ! Our events get you on a stage in front of a LIVE audience where you’ll perform with people just like yourself. Once you get on stage, you’ll never want to get off!
  • ROCK OUT LOUD is only for people who are NOT stuck in the old ways of how your grandma used to learn . We will get you playing your FAVORITE songs in less than TWO HOURS YUP, TWO HOURS!
  • ROCK OUT LOUD is NOT for those who prefer to learn themselves while watching a YouTube channel . No need for a coach if you think you can do it yourself. [We will just get you there much faster].
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Your child will for it!

Sure we can tell you we have the GREATEST COACHES on earth, but it isn’t about US, it’s about YOU!

Hear what people are saying about us.

This Is The ULTIMATE MUSICAL Experience!

Brian T.

"Just awesome! Friendly instructors, the kids have a great time while learning."

Tiffany D.

"My 6 year old daughter started taking piano lessons with Rob in September and she loves it."

Mrs. M

Jude and Luke's Mom
"Absolutely love their lessons, and the experience thay have here. Tuesday has become their favorite day of the week because of music lessons."
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Why choose Rock Out Loud when you can go to a cheaper music school that’s much closer to your home?



Music lessons generally take place in small room, and the teachers usually teach you what they want to teach...not what you want to learn. We FLIP that. We will teach you to play the songs that inspired you to learn to play in the first place!


Customized Programs have been created for you to learn IMMEDIATELY.

We've created simplified methods to get you playing in no time. We integrate Digital Audio Workstations into your lessons that allow us to slow down the music you are learning so you can play your favorite song so much quicker!


And speaking of TECHNOLOGY...

Rock Out Loud has built an Alexa Skill for you to enable on your Alexa DOT or ECHO so you can have a personal coach at home while you practice! How many music school do you Know with an Alexa Skill?
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