If you want to learn to play guitar, you might be wondering which kind is the best to start with — electric or acoustic. After years of working with kids and adults of all sizes and ages, we have found that electric guitars are the best types of guitars for beginners. While some have argued acoustic guitars are best, we have found the level of effort needed to play acoustic guitars far exceeds that of an electric guitar, where playing notes and chords is much easier.

If You Don’t Want Your Child To Quit, Do this!

Buy an Electric Guitar from Amazon or Musicians Friend® and they will be playing in no time!
For around $150, you can buy an inexpensive electric guitar on Amazon. In some cases, you can even buy a complete package that comes with an amplifier, strap, picks, and case! If your child is 10 years old or younger, for around the same price ($150) you can purchase a 3/4 size guitar that will be much more comfortable to play.

While Musician’s Friend® has some great choices in electric guitars, Amazon also has their infamous 30-day guarantee. For those kids who just don’t want to play any longer, for a small restocking fee you can always call Amazon and send it back for a refund.

Why They Won’t Quit

An electric guitar, when properly adjusted, makes playing so much fun simply because it is so easy. The days when our grandparents used to learn and play guitar are long gone. Electric guitars have come down in price so much that they are almost as inexpensive as an acoustic. Your child will thank you for that shiny new “axe.” Not to worry mom, those cool electric guitars are called “axes.” Besides being so easy to play, you may even find them standing in front of a mirror rocking out their favorite rock star poses.

Features That You Can’t Get With An Acoustic

Distortion…you know that sound. The squealing of a rock and roll electric guitar that may just happen to go to eleven (my shameless Spinal Tap plug.) Distortion just makes playing so much cooler than any acoustic guitar. After all, the idea here is to spark that beginner guitar player to graduate to an acoustic guitar when he or she is ready. This happens when their fingers are no longer straining and their fingertips are callous.

Choose Your Favorite Color

Another upside of an electric guitar is all of the color options. Sure, you may be able to find a black acoustic, but natural wood and black are your only real choices. Colors inspire people. I know I play a little different on a guitar that is not my favorite color. As silly as that sounds, there’s some truth to it. Let your child pick out their favorite color axe and you’ll see them running home after school to pick it up and start jamming!

Ready For Lessons?

RockOutLoud is not your average music school. We want to give children the tools to build confidence, and teach them in a way that works best for them. If you or your child is ready to learn to play guitar, our coaches are here to help. Our method of teaching is different from other schools in that we focus on showing students how to play the music that inspires them. By doing so, students are able to learn quickly and actually enjoy taking lessons! Sign up on our website and get started today!